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NIKEiD is a service provided by Nike allowing customers to personalise and design their own Nike merchandise. They offer online services as well as physical NIKEiD studios in different countries around the world, including: United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, China and the USA. NIKEiD is a service provided by the Nike Corporation allowing customers to customize clothing purchased from Nike. The customer becomes the designer as they change and add a personal look and feel to a selected item. The service can be accessed both online from their homepage and in physical branches (called NIKEiD Studios) which are situated in parts of France, England, Main Land Europe, China and the USA. In total, NIKEiD has 102 studios where customer can access the customization design service. The service was launched initially in 1999 and could only be accessed through their website. It provided customers the ability to choose from a limited range of different material and colours to develop their own style of tennis shoe. This initial launch allowed customers to customize Nike’s Air Force One shoe. It gave a total of 31 different customizable parts including the base, overlay, accent, lining, stitching, outsole, laces and deubre. In total this shoe gave a choice of 82 different materials and option types. It has since expanded from a small web-based service to a large array of stores and new software applications to give consumers a greater range of personalization and uniqueness in a variety of Nike shoes and clothing. Originally founded and bought by Nike from RJ iD

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