Aug 16

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The Best Way to Increase Alexa Ranking....

Your alexa ranking determains how popular your website is on the web. Sorta. It is based off people who have the alexa bar installed not just an average joe user.Webmasters care about this stat a lot. They brag about there number, like it means something. That is probably why you are here.

What do I do to raise my alexa rank?

It turns out that the best way to raise your Alexa ranking is simply to make a post telling people how to raise their Alexa ranking, and then thousands of people come in from the search engines to find out how. Because they all have the Alexa widget installed to raise their own page ranking, it also raises yours. (If you really want to go for broke, make a website all about SEO, Alexa, and Adsense. Youll be in the top 10,000 before teatime.) Promote alexa ranking? No need! Read on...

Now, some might suggest that this is a fatal flaw in how Alexa ratings are worked out. It means that the websites frequented most by people who care about such silly things as Alexa rating have inflated figures, rendering the ranking system mostly meaningless. In particular, websites dedicated to Search Engine Optimisation and such things frequently have ridiculously high rankings.

But alas, its part of the game... so thank you for coming and participating in my how to increase alexa rank page.... now go make yours. ;)

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